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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2010 6:00am-6:30am PST

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is he also a patrol officer? the documents and paperwork have all been filed with the secretary of the police commission? they have not. >> that is up to the sergeant. i don't know what is the holdup. i did not submit it. ray has to submit all the documents. it is out of my hands now. >> you no longer are on the beat. you're not collecting any fees or royalties? >> no. >>, do they sell for? >> $20. >> 20 bucks? >> i would say free, but there
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is some consideration. >> i appreciate it. >> at some point, this matter will have to come in front of the commission, once the paperwork is done, to be in order and the proper channels. president marshall: thank you, commissioner mazzucco. comment on item number four? thank you. i'm osrry -- sorry. >> is there general public comment? or is this it? president marshall: we had general public comment earlier. this is about the occ commission report. >> you don't have that at the end? only at the beginning? president marshall: yes, sir.
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>> i just wanted to say ♪ september morn i wnt to tah -- want to thank you for patrolling the city that way you patrolled until the night ♪ president marshall: sir, i don't want to interrupt you -- >> thanks for your work. >> i will send out the e-mail again regarding dates for the retreat. commissioner mazzucco is right, i put not to respond to that e- mail, e-mail me individually. i'm sorry if i confused an issue
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on that. i had three responses. we will start all over again. president marshall: item 6, please. >> we have commission announcements and scheduling items. commissioner, i have no announcements. there are some scheduling matters we can talk about. commissioner dejesus: i want to add to the list of things to put on the commission -- i think a couple of weeks ago, the chief had a press conference where he introduced his policy to the public. it is my understanding that this brady policy has not been improved by this commission and there has been no public hearing. this is a very important policy. commissioner hammer and i have
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asked about the brady policy. since the commission sets policy, i don't know if it is next week. i want to make sure it is on the calendar. i don't recall -- >> i have it in the list, commissioner. commissioner dejesus: that's fine. commissioner chan: i was going to ask for the process. is it the brady policy, or we discussing this? i have my own idea as to what i would like to change. is there a process in mind? president marshall: the document was given to us for review. commissioner dejesus: the action item would be approving it?
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commissioner chan: my understanding about policy is that usually the occ -- we let the public timon and see what what they see are the flaws. it is more like a hearing on the report. but if the occ needs time to review -- >> commander mahoney will most likely be back for the presentation so he can shed light on some of the issues. >> we were just going to be here to discuss the policy that you have in front of you. what you have been given is the policy we have in hand so we can entertain any discussion on changes, amendments, what ever. >> stop.
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i really believe that it is within our prerogative. i was not one that agreed to that. i thought it was proposed policy. it should be made clear to the public that it has not been approved by this commission. my understanding is that it was the same way we always do it, we meet and confer with the occ, the aclu or whatever. recommendations are made, and we decide what the policy is. maybe i'm wrong, but someone needs to correct me. >> that is right. we should follow the procedure we always do when we are talking about dgo's or policy. that means including the occ in the discussion and letting
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interested community members know. >> we are following the protocol that we have. this is not a dgo, it is a bureau order. it allows for the chief to go ahead and put that out to the department. certainly, it is amended for you to institute any policy that you want. but that is how we proceed in this matter. >> that is the problem i have, and i guess i need to talk to the city attorney. i understand he put out a policy under a bureau order, and it circumvented this commission as well as conferring with community members which we were told we were going to have wanted was decided that it was going to come here and to be vetted. it wasn't. i guess i need to meet with the city attorney, because i believe we said the policy for this
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department. we can change that bureau order, we can supplement it, or we can make a policy that completely contradicts that. i guess i need to talk to the city attorney about this. my understanding is that a brady policy, that is going to be presented here. but since this commission sets policy, we will talk about what the brady policy is. and we should follow the procedure we always follow. >> i spoke with the city attorney, and they said that we set policy, and if it is different than the chief's, powers trump's it. our goal in being here next week is to discuss our concerns, either move to approve it or in the week or two. >> i would like to ask the occ.
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were you aware this was something that we put on calendar? it was made aware to us that it was going out to a press conference. >> the occ would just like a copy of the policy. i don't know if it has been supplied to our policy analyst or not. if it has been, we would just like a copy of the policy. >> if we have it here, it should probably weigh in on the recommendations -- >> they would be recommendations from the director. president marshall: anybody else? >> is it for discussion next week, not an action item?
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i think we should have a discussion of possible action. we can send it to committee to work on it. it is just a discussion item. that would be my recommendation. president marshall: i thought that is what it was going to be anyway. >> that is why we have it set for next week. >> thank you. president marshall: not finished yet, sir. no, no. let us finish -- i want to make sure the item is finished. >> commissioner, we did have a disciplinary matter that was going to come in front of commission later this evening, but given the hour, -- and let
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me back up. we had an issue on this particular matter, and that as members of the commission that were qualified to actually hear this. we had to put it off. i can't talk about names since we are not enclosed session, but this was a matter the commission heard on july 15, and there was an issue about having expert testimony and expert review on evidence that had been submitted to that was due on a september 1. i think the commission granted six weeks for that. but we have that problem so we had to put it off. that matter is pending. i was expecting to be able to do with it tonight which would free us up for three motions to dismiss that are pending that we have, and if you recall, the city attorney recommended that they come back for additional briefing on some finer points.
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i have those pending as well, and i was hoping to bring those forward next week. we have the matter that we should have heard this evening now backed up, and we have a number of cases that are moving toward ultimate resolution. president marshall: we will figure it out on the calendar, lieutenant. >> we can't do it this evening. just so you know, next week, we discussed brady policy earlier. the recurring report was due. there is a matter of compliance which we set aside which we were expecting, and we have a return to duty report in addition to
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those disciplinary matters i was referring to. i was talking earlier with the city attorney's office. there are some things that we might be able to do to give us a little more time for these things. it is just a matter of how early in the day we would like to start. if i can find available space in city hall, we would like to deal with some of these things. there are other obligations and responsibilities. i was hoping to use the twenty second for a disciplinary matter that we have, so i would like to keep that available as well. backing up a little bit, i
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talked about the fifteenth. there is a disciplinary matter that i wanted to bring forward, but i am not sure we will be able to do that. i imagine we are moving away [unintelligible] so that pretty much shows up september. -- fills up september. >> can i get an electronic copy of the bureau order? thank you. president marshall: now we will take public comment.
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>> good evening, commissioners. i wanted to congratulate the commission in all aspects of his department, especially in the crucial area. -- in the crucial area of policy. in regards to the rights of the defendant, whether it is compliance with the department providing information that it is required to provide for those that are not -- that have not been on the commission for some time. it came up with the dispute with occ a number of years ago when the police department was not providing, and made a complaint,
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that the police department was not complying with discovery request from the occ. i hope it doesn't continue. lastly, i have been a representative of this department for many years. i find this department to be exceedingly -- it refuses to provide -- i don't believe we can have a department that doesn't comply with the law. especially in the area of defendants. especially in the area of unions that they are supposed to be sharing information with.
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this department has proper oversight and complies with all aspects of the law, including the laws that they might not like. thank you very much. >> is the matter still open? is the employee matter of dispute still pending? >> it is on the command staff's desk. president marshall: that concludes public comment. we will move to item number 11. we will not have 7, 8, 9, 10. >> commissioner, just for the record, with an objection, they will continue to items seven,
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eight, nine, and ten. >> would that be next week? >> we should try to bring it forward next week if we can. >> item 9a will be continued into next week and we will be continuing items 7, 8, and 10 at this time. that brings us to the last item, adjournment. >> so moved. >> thank you. [talking over each other]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, i want to welcome you to the newest of the art materials stores. we are very, very excited to open our new facility here in san francisco. we have been here for a while, but this new facility is wonderful. it is going to bring wonderful things to the neighborhood. our president, who is the president of our retail stores, is going to make a number of comments on how we work with the community, and also our students and teachers. thank you. [applause] >> welcome. welcome, mayor newsom.
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welcome to another art materials grand opening. despite the economic unrest we face, we are growing, serving, and creating jobs in all the communities where we have a presence. in fact, we are one of the few family-owned businesses in the u.s. that can say that while celebrating our 100th anniversary. how do we do it? we put people and communities first. while we are one of the largest independent suppliers of art materials in the country, providing the broadest assortment and low prices, it is really our service and community involvement that sets us apart from the others. every year, our list of colleges and universities we support has grown. today, we visit over 250. whether on campus or at the events we sponsor, we see the same story unfolding. that is communities and the arts
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are struggling to get funding, improve, and revived. it is so important to remember, while the foundation behind art and life do not change, the supporting structure continuously evolves with time. as part of this evolution, we and others like the mayor's support the continuing of art and the revival of communities in which they exist. here in san francisco, the market street community was once a thriving, exciting center for the arts. it was a place for the people in the city to come to forget their social and political differences and just another to enjoy life. hasn't san francisco waited and debated long enough on providing this area? now, along with mayor newsom, the planning and arts
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commission, galleries, theaters, and artists themselves, in places like san francisco's st., we are helping paint the way to revival today. we are not waiting for the economy to turn, but helping it turned around today. we will build a better market street for tomorrow. thank you and enjoy. [applause] >> do you have to introduce me? >> i do not have to. everybody knows you. ladies and gentlemen, the mayor of san francisco. >> thank you all for being here. do not let me get in the wake of the most important sound, which is not my voice. it is the register. the retailers will appreciate what i am saying. this is once again a testament to this renewed vision, this renewed energy, this renewed effort to revitalize the central
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market, the fact that so many of you took time to be here. if i could turn these cameras around, we could see the folks not only in the store but throughout the district. they come down almost every time we come down to celebrate another milestone. the reason we do this is we are marking progress. the reason we are doing this is we think every opening like this is not insignificant. it is extraordinarily significant to the revitalization of the central market area. we have long believed, but could not demonstrate, because we could not show people that arts will be the economic catalyst for revitalizing the central market area. the artistic expression, the community, the artistic contributions are self evident to anyone who has lived or visited san francisco. we have not necessarily organized the arts community in the measure and fashion today. do not get me wrong.
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we do not do the organization. the community is organizing itself in a meaningful way. we are just providing the conditions or the conduits to establish the conditions to allow that to flourish in an organic matter. and that is why this store has moved to the heart of this district. that is a big deal. they have not only revitalized a remarkable and spacious flotation -- spacious location, exponentially bigger than i imagined, but have doubled the number of employees in this economy that are working for them. that should not be lost on anyone. what i love about the employees is they are also customers. they are artists themselves. there is tremendous diversity and expression with the staff. congratulations on all your success and the growth of this business.
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you get it. you do it right. you speak the language of those that are on this side of the aisle. the folks on the other side understand the unique needs of their customers. i am thankful that you recognized not just in your opening comments, but recognized throughout your stewardship of this brand, the importance of contribution and giving back, the importance of what is happening outside your doors. we also understand that you need help and support and that this is not the end. we know that from our friends at fashion cafe on sixth street. we know every business accounts. we have more work to do. something else we want to celebrate in the market today -- in market today is this thursday, tomorrow, in 24 hours, we will be launching this arts fair, this arts market that
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will be in the un plaza between the hours of 12 and 8:00 p.m., showcasing the individual and collective efforts of artists throughout our community and reinforcing this artist imperative. we are working with intersection of the arts and the black rock foundation, and others. they have identified 72 to 75 other arts organizations that are down here looking for space, that are encouraged about what is happening and encouraged about their prospects to put together the resources with city support, these low and no interest loans we are handing out. we will be following that with some really exciting things in september, where we will start doing some dance and some theater out on the streets and sidewalks, as i believe that is
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where theater should be. it is democratizing the medium. that is something else i think is going to create a lot of energy, good will, identity for the neighborhood. a lot of good things happening. some months back, people said we were just shutting down markets street. it was an anti-car program. it was not about that. it was using that in a way that could anchor these other efforts. i see randy shaw here. i am glad he is here. he has been a great partner for this city and a partner for these efforts. pulling this up into the tenderloin area, the new tenderloin museum which had its grand opening if you weeks back. i love these reporters from the new york times. they come down and say, "you are doing walking tours in the tenderloin? you are celebrating the historical contributions of the tenderloin? you are


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